Friday, January 10, 2014

Excel Beam Analysis Including Steady and Transient Vibration

This is a link to an Excel COM Add-in for a module that was written to do beam analyses.  It will do statics, modal, steady response and transient response on beams with varying materials and section properties.  Loads include concentrated forces and weights, linearly distributed and beam weight.  Boundaries include free, simply-supported, fixed, deflection, slope, translational spring and rotational spring.

The Add-in can be used in any version of Excel from 97-2003 and later and will create the menu structure for the appropriate version.  Examples cases are provided to show how to use and setup models.

Note:The Add-in can be turned off within Excel or deleted by the "removing programs" option in Windows.

Animation of a Steady Response to a Harmonic Loading.
This is the user interface.

Spreadsheet Interface.

This is a video of using the static analysis option.  Other videos are available for the modal, harmonic and transient response options.

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